Facebook Dating App under testing, different from tinder and bumble

Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating app under testing

Facebook is launching its dating app soon which is under testing, as per the Jane Manchun Wong who is the app researcher, Facebook testing its dating app inside the company.


Jane Manchun Wong shared the screenshot which shows the sign-up screen where you can select your gender and location. It is not finished you also can select the people you are interested in and want to match with like other dating apps.


In this app, you have the option to separate your dating app profile from facebook profile so you have no worry for the same.


At this time, the Facebook staff is using the app by own and testing all the features to know how this app is working and mainly spot a bug.


How will facebook dating work


This option will come in facebook not as a separate app, after the screenshots we can say that the user has to manage separate profile from its Facebook profile.


This is the separate feature which other users not able to see your facebook profile till you both are not interested with each other and continue your date, after that if there is mutual attraction established, both can start date through facebook messenger or WhatsApp.


After the screenshots, we can say Facebook is getting this dating feature very seriously, with the mature dating experience other than like tinder. It will be user-friendly and easy to operate. This dating feature announced in May and this will be a new change in this era.


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